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Hi, I'm Sarah Horgan

I am the Founder of Nutritious Vitality  an Accredited Nutritionist Qualified Beauty Therapist and a busy Step Mum. My mission is to help tired, stressed and busy mum's restore their inner gut health, regain energy and lose those extra kilos. Reclaim that MAMA MOJO so you can feel great and thrive in motherhood.

How healthy is Your Gut?


Explore your Nutritional Analysis

Feeling Flat, fatigued and just not right, Yet your doctor says your bloods are normal?

Nutritional Consults

As a nutritional medicine practitioner, I look at how each and every area of your health interacts with one another, looking at both nutritional and environmental factors and how they impact on your health

Mama Thrive

A 1:1 gut healing program helping you to restore your inner gut health, regain energy, loose weight and reclaim your mama mojo so you can feel good and thrive in motherhood.

Wholefood Pantry Overhaul

Have a qualifed nutritionist come to your house and take you on a personalised tour of your pantry and fridge and be educated on what nasties are hiding in your food. 

Supermarket Tour

Take a personalised tour around your local supermarket where you will gain confidence on how to read food labels and how to choose healthier food options for you and your family. 

What People Say

Sarah is highly knowledgeable and with her expertise, some simple dietary changes and a focus on healing my gut, she was able to help me overcome my anxiety and free me from feeling constantly fatigued all the time. I now feel more balanced and grounded and I no longer feel like I just want to fall in a heap at the end of the day.
After I had been struggling with ongoing gut issues that seemed to be getting worse. I just knew that I had to do something about it. While working with Sarah, we did a gut detox to reset my gut. My bloating dramatically reduced, we got my IBS symptoms under control and I lost a a few kilos in the process.

The Health Funds which We Work With

Our brain is our garden.
The roots are nurtured by the food we eat
Love your Gut

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We all need to take attention of our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  


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Our gut health is so often underrated, with it being a common missed underlying cause of many health complaints, that go way beyond digestive complaints.
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