Follow up Health and Nutrition Consults

Single nutrition consultations are only available following participation in a 12-week program. Singular consultations are available for mamas who feel like they just need a little more ongoing help, after the completion of my program or may be available for past clients who are requiring an acute follow up appointment to address a cold/flu etc. 

These sessions may also be used for past clients requiring a top up supplement prescription. As your health requirements can change over time, before reordering any supplements, a health assessment will take place. This is to make sure that all supplements ordered for ongoing health and nutrition support, are what is required at the time. While some supplements may be required on an ongoing basis, many supplements are only needed on a short term basis. 

All supplements prescribed are of high quality and strength and are PRACTITIONER ONLY. supplements, 

Please contact your Nutritionist for prices. 

If you are not a mum as such but are looking for help with a particular digestive complaint or to improve your gut health to achieve overall more optimal health, my 12 week program ‘Mama Thrive’ can be adjusted accordingly to suit your current health situation, even if you are not a mum. For more info please contact your practitioner.