I Miss You !!

It has been a while

Nutritionist Specialist

It’s Sarah here, your Jurlique Beauty Therapist.

I do hope you have been taking good care of yourself and keeping well.

How quick has the last 12 months flown by, I can’t believe it’s already been over 12 months since I have seen you last. I bet you are just as disappointed as I am, that your usual faciaI has been put on hold and are dying to get back to some pampering again real soon.

An Update On Department Store Jurlique Facials:

As you may already be aware that there has been a lot of changes with Jurlique since COVID. Last year I had 3 months off of work from Jurlique and have since been back from around July working between Jurlique Marion Concept Store and Pharmacy and more recently Myer, have started up offering facials again. Sadly David Jones has not come back and at this stage, and it is unlikely that I will be going back to do facials there in the future.

Only just last week have I been told that Jurlique wants me to predominantly be working out of Jurlique Marion as my main location going forward, while I still will be doing facial events at the two Myer stores at this stage, yet they just might not be as often as they were before.

As with many of you I have been seeing for some time at Jurlique, I would love to still keep pampering you all, as a valued VIP, yet I am aware that for many of you Jurlique Marion may be too far, and while the Jurlique store is beautiful they would not be offering redeemable facials.

If you are a David Jones customer, I do not want to take you away from there, but just wanted to let you know, while they are currently not doing facials, there are still options to come see me for some pampering elsewhere. 

Special Offer Exclusive To My Jurlique Clients:

As many of you also know that I am also a nutritionist as well as beauty therapist. Since covid I had the opportunity to spend more time on the growth of my side nutrition business.

With this, I have also started working out of a beautiful clinic at Mile End ‘Higher Health Wellness Centre’ where I am currently offering not only my nutrition services from this location but also massage and facials.

If you would like to find out more about my offerings at this location send me a reply to find out more.  

Also if you would like to book a facial at a Myer store or come see me at Marion send me a reply for at another location please let me know and if you just want to send me a friendly hello message I would love to hear from you. 🙂

I look forward to catching up and pampering you again soon.

Here’s to good health and happiness x




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