Infrared Sauna Sessions

Infrared Sauna

Sauna therapy has been used for centuries by many cultures around the world as a way to improve overall health and wellness. 

We are now offering Infrared sauna sessions to all clients either as a stand alone treatment or as an upgrade to any nutrition consult, massage or facial treatment to enhance your overall health and wellness experience and results. 

Infrared saunas work differently to your traditional saunas, in that they raise the body temperature directly rather than heating the air. Due to this many people find that they are are a much more pleasant experience than a traditional sauna where the heat temperature gets much higher, often making you feel like you can’t breathe. 

Infrared saunas use infrared light to promote healing in the body. Infrared therapy uses infrared waves that emit infrared light, that is then absorbed by the body and converted to thermal energy. Infrared light passes through your skin and into fat cells, breaking down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol and allowing your body to rid itself of fat cells. 

Here at Nutritious Vitality not only is the sauna experience and results our clients receive important to us, but also careful selecting a sauna that is of low EMF. Infrared saunas are not all created equal, with unfortunately many exposing you to high electro magnetic fields (EMF’s). After hours and hours of research this is why we have chosen Clearlight Infrared Saunas. Not only are they of high quality but also have very low EMF exposure.

Electromagnetic fields are invisible energy to the naked eye that emit radiation through electricity and man made lighting. EMF exposure has been thought to be detrimental for our health. 

All Sauna sessions also have the option of including Red Light Therapy as part of their sauna session to enhance health results. 

Red light therapy helps create more energy in the cells, helping then function more efficiently, helping to repair damage, improving a number of skin conditions,  improving collagen and elastin and photoaging skin, speeds up wound healing, increases circulation, reduces inflammation and helps with hormonal imbalances. 


40min single sauna session


Course of 4 Sauna's (save $40)

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Stress Relief, Promotes Relaxation, Improving Sleep

Moves you away from a state of fight or flight and into a state of rest and digest that allows you to ease tension and lower stress levels. 

Stimulates Metabolism

As your core temperature rises, you sweat and your heart rate increases to help cool you down. This speeds up metabolism the same way exercise does, helping you burn more calories. 

Assists Detoxification

The infrared wave lengths cause the fat cells in the adipose tissue to vibrate making them disperse and release heavy metals and toxins into the blood stream to be expelled through the skin, kidneys and other organs that function to eliminate toxins. 

Rejuvenates Your Skin

Increased sweating helps your skin to remove impurities, repair damage (even skin conditions like acne and scarring) and replace dead skin cells for healthier better looking skin. 

Improves Heart Health

Infrared saunas can help reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors by decreasing blood pressure, strengthening your cardiovascular system and reducing artery stiffness. 

Strengthens Your Immune System 

As infrared saunas raise your core body temperature, this mimics a fever (your body’s natural defence mechanism for fighting illness. Stimulating this response strengthens and accelerates your immune response which may also assist autoimmune conditions. 

Assists Digestive Issues

Infrared Sauna’s may be used as a tool used to alleviate digestive symptoms due to its ability to help improve immune response, reduce inflammation, improve bacterial balance, and promote cellular level health through detoxification. 

Reduces Muscle Pain

By increasing your heart rate, infrared saunas help speed up the breakdown of metabolic waste from your muscles like lactic acid. It also helps to increase blood flow to aid injury recovery, so you feel better faster. 

Improves Brain Health

Regular sauna use increases something called brain derived neurotrophic factors which encourages the growth of new brain cells, helping with brain fog and the risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Reduces Overall Inflammation and Reduces Stiffness

Infrared saunas reduce overall inflammation in the body and can help ease stiffness caused by pain and inflammation from sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint injury and many other ailments. 

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Reduces Overall Inflammation

Improves Collagen and Elastin Production

Increases Circulation and Promotes Hair Growth

Speeds Up Wound Healing/ Photoageing Skin

Treating a variety of Inflammatory Skin Conditions (Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne etc. )

Hormone Balance including Improved Thyroid Function

Pain Relief including improvement of Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Improved Circadian Rhythm 

Add a Massage Treatment

A number of different massage styles are available. Whether you like more a relaxing type massage or a deep tissue type massage, all massages can be customised to your individual needs.

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