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Mama Thrive

Gut Healing Program

A 12 week transformative Health and Well-being Program Helping Tired Stressed and Busy Mum's Restore their Inner Gut Health, & Reclaim their Mama Mojo so they can Feel Good and Thrive in Motherhood.

Whats included:

  • Mama’s Health and Well-being Assessment (1.5 hr)
    This is the session where we get to know you. You will be asked a whole lot of questions about your health goals, struggles and your full health history. The information gathered will help us put the pieces of the puzzle together that are affecting your ability to feel good and thrive.  You may be asked to bring in any recent bloods, supplements and medication that you are currently taking for review.

  • GI Map Testing
    Rather than just playing a guessing game, this important integrative pathology test will give us a true insight into what imbalances are going on in your gut microbiome. Here we can use these results to customise your gut health roadmap as needed and help you start healing your gut today so you can feel your most healthiest vibrant self.

  • Health Plan Coaching Session (1 hr)
    This session will take place a week following our first session together. Here we will go through the next 11 weeks, your customised designed health and nutrition plan. We will discuss not only the dietary changes that need to take place but also lifestyle changes and factors that will be important for your health success. While it may vary for each individual, the general steps taken for gut healing to occur involves working through a 4 step process that includes removing the foods that are causing intestinal inflammation, replacing the nutrients required for digestion to take place, repairing the damaged gut lining and lastly reinoculating the good bacteria.
  • 3x Health Coaching Follow up Sessions (1 hr)
    Follow up sessions will take place fortnightly to help keep you accountable, give support and guidance on your journey to more vibrant health.  These sessions will be done in the comfort of your own home via zoom online communication. Have the confidence of working with a professional as you are taken through a step by step process to improve your gut health, so you can not only improve gut symptoms but to be able to feel good and thrive in all areas of your health. .
  • Evaluation Coaching Session
    You have made it. 3 months of motivation and dedication to get to where you are today. Here we will go through your wins, your achievements and how you are feeling about your health right now. This is the time to ask any questions about what you have learnt and how you can incorporate what you have learnt into your new found healthier life. While most people see some big changes in their overall health within a 3 month period, depending on how long you have been unwell for, may mean that you require a longer time frame to reach your full health potential. In this case, you have the option of doing individual ongoing sessions as needed following on from the 3 month program.

  • Goals and Gratitude Journal
    Be given a goals and gratitude journey to use to track your progress and support you on your health journey. Journaling on your goals, tracking your wins, and practicing gratitude is a very important part of your success. Using your goals and gratitude journal can really help make you see how far you have come, and help you see the good in everyday even on days you feel like you have taken a step back.                          
  • Personalised Supplement Bundle for Gut Health 
    Be given a supplement pack that includes targeted nutrients, probiotics and gut healing agents required to support better gut health. All supplements used are high quality practitioner only brands, individualised and choosen to your specific needs. While probiotics are important for good gut health, there are 1000’s of probiotics out there, yet they are not all the same. There are specific strains that are more suitable for different health conditions, hence why we choose the right supplements specific to you and your health status.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support In Between Sessions 
    A key thing that is offered between sessions is my ongoing support. We know that making health changes is not always easy and it is a journey. It’s not always peachy, and there are times when things may not go as planned and you may feel worse before you feel better in the initial stages. This is the time where you can reach out. No need to wait until the next session, got a question or concern, reach out anytime.                                              
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing Guide 
    While your diet and nutrition are important, there are a number of other things that need to be considered that can make or break achieving your desired health goals. Learn about healthy lifestyle habits that you can start doing today. Your lifestyle choices play a major part of the the picture to achieving overall more optimal health.



  • Ongoing Supplement Discount
    Get access to your own patient ordering system and get ongoing practitioner only supplement discount for 3 years following working together.
  • Complimentary Follow Up
    Book a time to catch up 6 months from the completion of working together. In this appointment we will review your progress, see how you are going with your new diet and lifestyle changes and adjust supplement prescriptions as needed.

This program is for you if you are struggling with

Gas and/or bloating
Fatigue and Exhaustion
Feelings of Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm
Mood Disorders
Postnatal Depletion
Nutritional Deficiencies
Weight Gain and an Inability To Lose Weight
Hormonal Imbalances

This program isn’t for you if

You are looking for a magic pill to transform your health overnight. 
You are reluctant to make dietary and lifestyle changes.
  You are not willing or ready to do the work,
and believe it is the practitioners responsibility to fix you.

As a practitioner it is my job to guide you and keep you accountable yet it's up to you to do the work.

Your Investment
$1497 AUD

Payment Plan Available

If you are sick of feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed and are ready to start prioritising your own health and regain back your
so you can feel good and thrive in motherhood,
Book a chat to see if my program is the right fit for you.

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