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What do my Massages Offer

With 15+ years experience in massage and a true love for what I do, my clients will tell you my massage won’t disappoint. My signature style when it comes to massage tends to use a combination of many different massage styles including Swedish relaxation and deep tissue customised as per your individual needs. I  have also done training in Balinese massage in which I often incorporate some techniques from this style also into my massage if I think these techniques would be of benefit to your needs. 

You have an option of a full body massage or spending longer time on releasing tension on those specific areas that need it most. Relax, unwind and release any tension in those hard to reach spots with your choice of either a 60min massage or a 90min massage. 

The perfect environment to leave the stress of the everyday hustle at the door

Coming from a spa background, setting the scene and perfect environment for your massage is of high importance to me. The setting that your massage takes place really helps get you in the zone.  It starts from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave. Its those little spa like extras like hot towels, candles, dimmed lighting, relaxing music, nice scents and that extra care taken is what really take your treatment to the next level. 

High quality service that prioritises your individual needs

You can be assured that all massages are of high quality standard, with every treatment being customised to your individual needs.

I always start with a thorough consult process to get a real understanding of what your are after out of your treatment. I will always ask you what it is you want to get out of your treatment, to really bring you a treatment that is unique to your needs at the time of treatment. 

Dedicated to your wellbeing and satisfaction

With over 15 years as a beauty and spa therapist. working in top day spas, I have the experience and skills to offer you a 5 star massage. Always giving 110% to every client who comes through my door, your satisfaction is always my top priority.  Massaging to support both physical and emotional wellbeing. 

I can’t count how many times over my time as a therapist, I have been told that my treatment was the best they have ever had. 

A variety of massage styles to choose from

Choose your preferred style from Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, Balinese, Hot Stone and Pregnancy.  Or book a massage for the time frame you are after and let your therapist work her magic by incorporating different styles of massage into you treatment to give you the perfect massage for your current needs.  If  you require a specific style of massage please let me know at the time of booking. 


Massage Services

Optimise your physical and emotional wellbeing by booking a massage today.

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90min Massage starting from

Course of 4x 60min Massages + Sauna Session (save $64)

Course of 4 60min Massages (save $24)

Massage Styles


Relaxation massage allows you to step away from the everyday hustle of the busy modern world life and leave all your stresses at the door as you unwind and you enjoy a deep state of relaxation. To help you get to this place of pure relaxation that your body is so craving, all my treatments include the use of hot towels, essential oils burning in the room and your choice of 3x space and energy sprays. 


Deep tissue massage uses specific massage techniques including the use of elbows, forearms and knuckles, to work deeper into the muscles helping to release any tightness, muscle aches and pains.  While deep tissue massage still may include some elements of relaxation, it is a firmer massage that is designed to promote deep recovery of muscles. This style of massage is great if you experience any form of chronic muscular pain. 


Pregnancy massage can help you relax, unwind and release any tension in those uncomfortable and hard to reach spots that you can commonly experience during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage helps promote blood flow and may help to release any fluid retention as well.  Your therapist will use a pregnancy pillow for you to snuggle into for your ultimate comfort. Pregnancy massage is safely available from 12 weeks onwards. 

** Please let your therapist know if you are pregnant and how many weeks when making a booking. 


Balinese Massage is a full body deep tissue massage with a holistic touch. Combining Traditional Balinese massage techniques along with aromatherapy makes this the prefect combination of releasing muscle tension and bringing a sense of calm and relaxation to the whole body. Balinese massage uses a medium to firm massage pressure using a combination of stretching techniques, acupressure, skin rolling, kneading and gentle but firm massage strokes. 


A 75min full body relaxation massage that uses heated basalt stones that immerse heat into the muscles helping to relax and loosen any tension and tightness. If you haven’t tried hot stone massage before you don’t know what you are missing out on. This is the perfect winter warmer treatment and makes a perfect gift for that someone special that is in need of some well deserved pampering. 


Abdominal massage is so beneficial for not only our gut health but our overall health, yet it is so underutilised with tummy massage rarely being offered these days. One condition it is particularly effective in is the treatment of chronic constipation. Abdominal massage helps improve elimination by its ability to promote contractions of the large intestine to help move faecal matter along in the gut. . If you suffer from constipation, you may like to book an abdominal massage where we spend the whole time on helping to get things moving.  You may like to discuss with your practitioner whether combining this with a lymphatic drainage massage would be a good fit for you. 


Lymphatic drainage massage  uses gentle pulsing movements working towards lymph nodes to move lymph along to help improve circulation of body fluids to reduce swelling, help drain and assist the removal of any build up of toxic waste in th body.  Lymphatic drainage massage treatments may require a number of sessions for best results.  Lymphatic drainage massage may be used to help with tissue regeneration after surgery, an injury or lymphedema that may occur post cancer. It may also assist with improving sluggish detox pathways, improving digestion,  strengthen the immune system so you are better able to fight off infection, increase energy levels, improve skin issues, plus much more. It may also be used as part of a weight loss treatment plan.  

I'm available at Seaford Meadows & Mile End


Hi I’m Sarah, A qualified massage and beauty therapist of over 15 years. 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients come out of their treatment feeling like they have walked off a cloud, having exceeded their expectations and being told “that was the best massage I have ever had!”

Anyone who has a treatment with me knows how passionate I am about my work.  It really shows in my treatments. 

All my treatments are professional and are of high quality. You as my client are my sole focus. I listen to your specific needs and always give 110% with my massages. 

Each treatment is customised to your individual needs with your wellbeing being at the centre of my priority. 

I am available for massage treatments in Seaford Meadows or Mile End. 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients come out of their treatment feeling like they have walked off a cloud, having exceeded their expectations and being told "That was the best massage I have ever had"

What People Say

Wow oh Wow...that was truly amazing! In fact the best massage I have ever had. . Sarah gives the best massages that are both relaxing yet have you still feeling like your muscles have had a good work out.. My tightness is my shoulders feel s like its just been released.
I have been going to Sarah for over 4 years now for her facials and massages. Her treatments are always the best and always leave me feeling refreshed and relaxed. Her firm pressure and ability to personalise her treatments for exactly what your body needs is what keeps me coming back. I have recommended Sarah to my friends and family and now my mum is also a regular. Make sure to try out her massage treatments, you won’t be disappointed!

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Whether you are after a sensory experience or just want to release tension in those tired, sore and tight muscles, I can help you out. 

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