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With 15+ years experience in massage, my massage won’t disappoint. My massage style tends to be a combination of Swedish relaxation and deep tissue customised as per your individual needs. Option of a full body massage or spending longer time on releasing tension on those specific areas that need it most. Relax, unwind and release any tension in those hard to reach spots. 

Pregnancy Massage also available

Relax, unwind and release any tension in those hard to reach spots. Your therapist will use a pregnancy pillow for you to snuggle into for your ultimate comfort. Pregnancy massage is available from 12 weeks onwards. 

** Please let your therapist know if you are pregnant and how many weeks when making a booking. 


60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage

4 pack of 60min massages - $280 - $70 a massage


A full body relaxation massage that uses heated basalt stones that immerse heat into the muscles helping to relax and loosen any tension and tightness. If you haven’t tried hot stone massage before you don’t know what you are missing out on. This is the perfect winter warmer treatment. 


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30min massage & 30min Facial

My Facial Treatments

All facials combine the ultimate pampering experience while achieving results of healthy glowing skin.

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