Kickstart Sluggish Metabolisms Program

An Intensive 8 Weeks to Regain Energy, Rebalance Hormones, Kickstart Sluggish Metabolisms & Lose Those Extra Kilos

What's included:

Health and Well-being Assessment (1.5 hr)

This is the initial consult where we get to know you.
You will be asked a whole lot of questions about your health goals, struggles and your full health history. The information gathered will help us put the pieces of the puzzle together that are affecting your ability to feel good and thrive. You may be asked to bring in any recent bloods, supplements and medication that you are currently taking for review.

2x Follow up Health and Nutrition Consults (1 hr)

Rather than just playing a guessing game, this important integrative pathology test will give us a true insight into what imbalances are going on in your gut microbiome. Here we can use these results to customise your gut health roadmap as needed and help you start healing your gut today so you can feel your most healthiest vibrant self.

14 Day Detox Meal Plan

Be given a Personalised 14 day Detox Meal Plan that will help support healthy detox and get your body back on track to true to health . While all detox meal plans will be based on nourishing whole foods and removing processed inflammatory foods that may put excess burden on the liver, all meal plans will take into consideration each client as an indiividual and their various needs and current health state.

1x Lymphatic Drainage Massage/Week (Total of 8)

Lmyphatic Drainage Massage uses gentle massage movements working in the direction on your lymph nodes to help stagnant lymph fluid along helping to drain and assist with the removal of toxic waste in the body. When we have a poor functioning lymphatic system, we tend to hold on to toxins in our fat cells. This can cause use to feel fatigued, sluggish and struggle to lose weight, .Our Lymph System, is often forgotten about and often not talked enough about when it comes to improving our overall health results. By Incorporating a regular lymphatic drainage massage along with good nutrition and lifestyle changes, this can really take your health results to the next level.

2 Month Infrared Sauna Membership

A 2 month infrared sauna membership gives you access to as many sauna sessions as you wish over the 8 weeks . Incorporating use of an infrared sauna as part of any detox program will improve your body's ability to eliminate harmful toxins that often find a home for themselves in our body, attaching themselves to fat cells. The more fat cells you have the more toxins you tend to hold onto and the more toxic and inflamed you are, the harder it can be to lose weight Regular sweating and increasing your heart rate, also assists in speeding up metabolism, helping you burn more calories. While regular exercise is also encouraged, if you don't like exercising or can't exercise, sauna's are a great way to get the similar benefits you would see from participating in moderate aerobic exercise.

20% Off RRP of Nutritional Supplement Purchases

While diet and nutrition play a big part of any detox program, quite often food alone may not be enough to get your ideal results. Hence carefully selected nutritional formulas may be recommended to enhance your detox results. All supplements used are high quality practitioner only brands, individualised and chosen to your specific needs. As I want you to get the bet results from this program, you will be given a 20% discount off any nutritional supplements purchased throughout this program.

Unlimited WhatsApp Support In Between Sessions

A key thing that is offered between sessions is my ongoing support. We know that making health changes is not always easy and it is a journey. It’s not always peachy, and there are times when things may not go as planned and you may feel worse before you feel better in the initial stages. This is the time where you can reach out. No need to wait until the next session, got a question or concern, reach out anytime.

Healthy Detox Support Guide

Unfortunately in today's toxic world, our body's are constantly being overburden with toxins and this can affect our ability to release excess weight, may cause headaches, fatigue , insomnia and digestive issues, While food can be a major source of harmful substances, toxins can also come from personal care products, our cleaning products, our environment including certain jobs that involve a high toxin exposure, as well as medications. Be given a detox support guide that will give you helpful homecare tips you can do to help support the detox process..


Blood Pathology Review

Get your most recent blood pathology reviewed from more of functional medicine perspective. I will not just skim over your results but have a good look and give you an in-depth review of any nutritional deficiencies or any abnormal markers that are indicating the need for improvement to achieve optimal health. Quite often when I look at my clients blood pathology I find markers of significance that are often not even mentioned from their GP's. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids play a major role in how well your body's liver detox pathways work, hence the need to make sure all nutrients are sitting at their most optimal levels, when doing a detox program.

Detox Recipe Guide Ebook

Do you struggle to know what to cook sometimes? Maybe being given specific dietary guidelines, has you feeling overwhelmed with thinking of what to cook. Let us make that easier for you by gifting you a complimentary Detox Recipe Guide eBook. Get inspired by new recipes to try that will kickstart sluggish metabolisms and support your detox journey.

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As a practitioner it is my job to guide you and keep you accountable yet it’s up to you to do the work

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Payment Plan: $220/week over 8 weeks

What People Say

Sarah is highly knowledgeable and with her expertise, some simple dietary changes and a focus on healing my gut, she was able to help me overcome my anxiety and free me from feeling constantly fatigued all the time. I now feel more balanced and grounded and I no longer feel like I just want to fall in a heap at the end of the day.
After I had been struggling with ongoing gut issues that seemed to be getting worse. I just knew that I had to do something about it. While working with Sarah, we did a gut detox to reset my gut. My bloating dramatically reduced, we got my IBS symptoms under control and I lost a a few kilos in the process.

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