What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine draws on a holistic approach to health. It takes into account the person as a whole, body mind and spirit, rather than just treating the symptoms alone.

As a nutritional medicine practitioner, I look at how each and every area of your health interacts with one another, looking at both nutritional and environmental factors and how they impact on your health. We look at restoring balance in the body and working on root causes, to help turn on your body’s own natural healing ability.

When you fix the environment, not just bandaid the symptom, your body’s natural ability to heal becomes activated and this is where you can achieve overall more vibrant health.

When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower

Alexander Den Heijier

Personalised Holistic Treatment

As I do not offer quick fix band aid solutions but rather a personalised holistic treatment plan approach specific for you and your health concerns, that looks at working on the underlying root causes, and restoring balance in all areas of your health, this does generally require working together for a period of time to achieve long term sustainable results.

Its not like going to a doctor where you may go for a one off appointment to get a script or test.

Because of this, consultations are purchased in coaching blocks rather than individually.

What you can expect working together?

I actually spend time with you and listen to your concerns and needs.

Treatment plans are designed specific for you, rather than using a one size fits all approach. The time I spend working on your case generally involves extra time spent outside of consultation researching and planning your specific treatment plan.

Working together involves more than just a prescription but education, guidance, encouragement, and keeps you accountable on your journey to vibrant health. If needed, you will have access to functional medicine pathology testing, that are not accessible from your regular GP.

These tests available are quite extensive, giving us alot of invaluable information, which can help us gain a better picture of your health status. These tests may be very invaluable in times where you may be suffering from a stubborn complex health condition.

If you have private health cover, rebates may apply covering a portion of your session fees.


Initial Consult: Health and Wellbeing Assessment
(1.5 hour)


Health Plan Coaching Session/Follow ups
(1 hour each) x 3

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