Interpret your blood test results

Have you been to see your GP or Health Care Practitioner, to get some blood tests done, to be told that everything is fine and there is nothing wrong with you, yet you still feel like crap? I see and hear this all the time! This can be so frustrating and confusing to a patient who knows his or her body and knows that something is wrong despite what they have been told.

So why does this happen?

The problem is that your doctor is looking for a disease state and not even looking into the signs that are showing imbalances and early warning signs that something is going on. So unless a result is out of the reference range and usually substantially, in many cases it may be completely dismissed and not even mentioned to a patient.

The other problem with this is that the reference range that is used to compare your results too is actually determined by a statistical average of a group of unhealthy people who have had that test at the lab.

This is why the reference range is not always a good indicator of health. The reference range is not calculated or determined by looking at healthy people but rather sick people. This is also why the reference range tends to be so broad.

So rather than using the general reference range to help determine if one is healthy, instead I as nutritional medicine practitioner use optimal ranges to help determine what may be going on with someone’s health.

Why Should You Get A Nutritional Review of Pathology Results Done?

I use optimal ranges rather than just using the reference range supplied from the lab. Optimal ranges are what we should be aiming for to achieve an optimal state of health.

I don’t just skim through your report but actually spend the time to dig dip and look for signs of nutritional deficiencies and other markers that can help determine what might be going on that is causing your current symptoms.

II help determine nutritional deficiencies that may be directly or indirectly causing your abnormal test results.I Once nutritional deficiencies are addressed a high percentage of people’s signs and symptoms improve and in many cases disappear.

I will give you a detailed review of my findings and explain what you can do to address any abnormal results that may be causing your symptoms.I

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