Shopping the Smart Way

If you eat well, you live well. Let a qualified nutritionist take you on a personalised tour around your local supermarket, giving you the confidence to make good food choices that will enhance mood, knock out fatigue, improve energy, all while supporting the gut for overall more vibrant health for both you and your family.

You will Learn:

How to read food labels and understand health claims

Gain confidence in how to read nutritional panels, ingredient lists and learn about common health claims often displayed on the front packaging of foods and what they actually really mean to the consumer.

The difference between similar packaged food items and which one is the most healthiest option

With so many different brands of the same food items available on your supermarket shelf, it can often be confusing on which one to buy. Rid the confusion and learn how to determine the difference between one brand to the next and which ones are the best options.

What to look for when purchasing meat or plant based meat alternatives

When purchasing meat, the quality of your meat does matter and if you have chosen to go plant based and are using meat alternatives, I will teach you what to look for, when buying these as many of these are not always healthy!

How to get the best value for your money

They say eating healthy is expensive, yet we can only go on for so long eating cheap nutrient poor foods, before it becomes a problem and we become ill. Try expensive now! Let me teach tips and tricks on how you can eat healthy while still keeping in mind a budget.

Healthy food swaps to your everyday not so healthy food items

Learn healthy alternatives to some of the most common household food items. Watch how these simple swaps can make a world of difference to you and your families health.

Toxic packaged food ingredients to avoid

Learn what some of the most common packaged food nasties are, that are making you and your family sick!

Whats included:

Healthy Food Swap Shopping List

A back to basics list of common household food items and healthy alternatives you can swap these common food items out for. These simple and easy food swaps will have a positive impact on the health of the whole family.

Toxic Packaged Food Ingredients Guide

A handy reference guide stating what nasties to look out for when buying packaged foods. Take this reference guide with you when you go to do your weekly shop.

To sum it up, by the end of our 1.5 hour session you will become a supermarket savvy mum, confidently navigating the supermarket shelves and scanning food labels that you will no longer look at the supermarket shelves the same way again.

Combine my Pantry Overhaul Service with my Supermarket Tour to fully understand the importance of food selection for optimum health. Normally $444


Supermarket Tour Only - All Inclusive


Pantry Overhaul & Supermarket Tour - All Inclusive
***Savvy Mum Supermarket Tours are available for Adelaide residents only.

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