Terms and Conditons

Terms and Conditions


When booking your initial appointment you will be asked to fill out a client consultation card and send it back to your practitioner before coming to your appointment. This just gives your practitioner a basic understanding of your current health concerns and health goals in advance.

A initial consultation involves a comprehensive health analysis where lots questions are asked, relevant to the clients past and present health history. It is important that all questions are answered honestly and truthfully. The more information given, the easier it is to put the puzzle together to solving your health concerns causes and reaching your health goals.

The client must inform the Nutritional Medicine Practitioner of any medical diagnosis, medication, herbal medicine or food supplements they are taking. This is important as this may affect your customised health and nutritional plan. You may be asked to bring along with you, any nutritional supplements or food supplements you may be currently using for review.

Any health and nutrition advice given will be personalised to you as an individual, to support any medically established, diagnosed conditions, your health concerns and health goals. In circumstances where possible we will work towards reducing the amount of medications you take, when safe to do so. All treatment plans given or advised as openly discussed and agreed to between the Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and the client.

With ongoing support from your Practitioner, it is important that you inform your practitioner of any changes to your health and/or newly medically diagnosed conditions or medication you may be taking. This is important as some medications do interfere with dietary and nutritional supplements.

If you are taking nutritional supplements at the time of being given new medication from your doctor, it is important that you check with your doctor or healthcare practitioner for any known reverse reactions with the drug and nutrient combination before commencing treatment.


There are designated time frames for appointments. While we always do our best to accommodate, please understand that if you are late, your consultation time may need to be reduced accordingly. If at your consultation, you are to bring a young child with you, it is advised that you bring with you a colouring-in book or something to occupy them with.

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to reschedule, cancel or make amendments to your appointment please be mindful and give 48 hours notice for cancellations. This is important, as with enough notice we may be able to fill the spot with someone else. For last minute cancellations or just not showing up, may incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Payment Options

Payment can be made by cash on the day of your appointment or by bank transfer in advance.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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