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After having pushed my own health and self care aside for many years following becoming a mum, I eventually started seeing the impact not looking after myself was having on my own health and wellbeing. I put on weight, felt like I had little to no energy to get through my days, that I was not being present with my family. I eventually started loosing my confidence in both myself and as a parent. This is where I reached out to Sarah for help. Sarah not only helped me lose those extra kilos but I now have more energy, am better able to cope with stress and am better showing up for my family. I am feeling overall much more happier and healthier. Sarah helped me get my zing back.
"I just made the most delicious muffins for my boys. I substituted Coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and used natural yoghurt instead of milk. They are the best! Your pantry overhaul is already taking great effect Sarah!!"
"I am just amazed by what I have learnt and the knowledge I have come away with. Sarah is a wealth of knowledge. I can now walk around the supermarket, feeling less overwhelmed by the endless choices. It feels great knowing I am making healthier choices for my family and I"
Initially I was a little nervous about going to see a nutritionist and having to open up about my health. I really didn't know what to expect as I had never seen a nutritionist before. Sarah made me feel very comfortable, she was kind, caring, encouraging and very attentive to my needs and health goals. It was a pleasure working with her. After years of poor diet and lifestyle choices, Sarah helped me get back on track, I now have more energy, my dermatitis has cleared up, I am a healthier weight and I am feeling the best I have felt in years!
I saw Sarah for a nutrition consultation a few months ago with the hope of helping with my digestion and bloating. I've previously had issues when trying new diets because of a chronic condition I have. Sarah did a thorough consultation process and took into consideration my chronic condition before prescribing any diet and lifestyle changes and did so in an informative and friendly way. I didn't feel judged or embarrassed of my current diet at all and have implemented most of the changes she recommended and have seen great results in my digestion and bloating since. Very happy and would highly recommend 🙂

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