Your Body is Made Up of 70% Water Hence The Reason Keeping Hydrated Is So Important For Our Overall Health And Wellbeing.

Yet Not All Drinking Water Is Created Equal

If you are drinking tap water or even pura tap, your cells and skin may still be dehydrated.  

Waters Co are an industry leader when it comes to water filtration systems. Waters Co have been giving the world clean, refreshing, super hydrating, alkalising, antioxidant rich water since 1984. Waters Co Filters remove up to 99.9% of known tap water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals.  

All products are also made using BPA free, BPS free, toxin free, non leeching materials. 

Bio Waters Co water works from the inside out to keep you looking and feeling great. Not only do these water filter systems purify water, they also ionise and magnetise to promote hydration on a cellular level. Adding over 60 bio available minerals essential for wellbeing, the water tastes so great, even the person who struggles to drink water, will love drinking water when they taste how good this water is.   

From water jugs, portable filters, to bench top filters, to shower head filters, there is something for everyone, their health needs and budget. 

Feel the difference and feel more vitality today!

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