Which Dietary Approach is Really Best??

Feeling confused by the conflicting messages around diet thrown around in the media?

From paleo, lchf, keto, vegan, vegetarian, raw food diet, gluten free, whole 30, high protein, atkins diet, low fat, blood type diet, low GI, the list goes on, I am sure you have tried at least one of these.

How is it that one can follow a raw foods diet and feel full of energy, lighter and less bloating, yet for someone else a raw food diet can do the complete opposite leaving them feeling lethargic and bloated. You’ve seen your best friend loose 15kg on the keto diet, yet you can’t seem to budge even just a few kilos on the exact same diet.

The truth is there is no one diet fits all, we are all different. What is healthy for one, can be different for another due to the differences in metabolic responses to food. Studies show that variations in the gut microbiome from person to person may play a major factor in how your body responds to different foods.

The gut microbiome aka gut flora is an inner ecosystem found in your intestines, made up of trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi. A healthy gut microbiome is important in achieving overall good health, while it also plays an important role in the way we digest, process and metabolise food. The health of your microbiome may be influenced by your dietary habits, your lifestyle, your stress levels, medication including the frequent use of antibiotics and your genetic make-up.

While your gut microbiome plays a major factor in helping to determine the right dietary approach, other things that need to be taken into consideration include:

  • genetics,
  • any other illnesses present in the individual,
  • metabolic rates,
  • hormones,
  • liver health
  • and ethical beliefs.

Personalised nutrition looks at a person as a whole, taking into consideration all these factors, to help determine what dietary approach is best for the individual. We now know that by following the general nutritional advice which has been given to the whole population over the last decade, may show little to no efficiency.

The foundation that our diet must be built around is defiantly real wholefoods yet with a personalised approach. This may mean removing or reducing the amount consumed of a certain food that may not agree with the individual. ‘One man’s food may be another man’s poison’

Have you found the right dietary approach that works for you or are you still yet to find?

Finding the right dietary approach that allows you as a individual to thrive can sometimes take a little trial and error.

You may be suffering from:

  • digestive issues,
  • problematic skin,
  • constant weight fluctuations,
  • low energy,
  • feelings of fatigue,
  • headaches
  • or even pain.

The answer to these frustrating problems, could be as simple as finding the right diet approach and eating plan that works for you as a individual.

If you suffer from any of the above, find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by all the dietary advice out there and still not really sure what the best way to eat is for you, it might be time to get an expert nutritionist to help you out in determining what eating approach you should take so you can feel your most healthiest vibrant self!

To get in touch and see how I could help you out, head on over to my contact page in the menu.

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Heres to good health and happiness

Sarah x

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Sarah Horgan

Sarah Horgan

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